For the couple who has everything except some personalized Rings that show the world how cute you two are. Yes, you're the ones that make the rest of us sick to our stomachs with the whole "Lovey Dovey" routine you have going on. Regardless, we've decided to do this little giveaway thing anyway. We'll even let you choose the Rings. We're just that awesome. Still have questions? Click here.

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Before we change our minds.

Answers to your questions.

Do I really get to pick the Rings I want regardless of metal type or price?
Yep. That’s all we have to say about that.

Can I choose a DNA Ring and a Fingerprint Ring should I win?
Yep. Choice is all yours. We’re just here to make you happy.

If I choose a DNA Ring, how do I know it’s not being used by the government for some evil purpose?
*Long sigh* For the last time, we don’t keep your DNA, just the image that’s generated from your DNA. That image is on a secure server, however it’s NOT available to the public and serves no purpose at all to law enforcement. That being said, we can’t guarantee the CIA, FBI, Homeland Security, a Special Ops team or even the Dept. of Agriculture won’t pay you a visit and tell you how amazing that Ring looks.

What if I don’t know my Ring size?
Well, if you win you can always run down to a local jewelry store and they can size you. Or we can send you a Ring Sizer. We’ll even let you keep it.

I’m getting married soon. When will I get my Rings?
Whoa, slow your roll. You have to win first. But if you do, Fingerprint Rings take about 1-2 weeks to deliver to you, depending on metal choice, after you upload a fingerprint and do the whole customization thing. DNA Rings, on the other hand, take up to 5 weeks after we receive your completed DNA Kit.

Why are you guys so awesome?
We just are. No more questions.

Terms and Conditions:
Just Between Us Sweepstakes by Truvalence Creations runs January 15, 2021 through February 14, 2021. No purchase necessary. Sweepstakes is only open to residents of the United States of America. Must be 18 years of age or older to participate. To enter, register at One entry per person. Five winners will be randomly drawn. Each winner will receive their choice of two personalized Rings from Truvalence Creations as well as complimentary shipping for a total value of up to $3,855. Winners will be notified via email and will have one week to respond and claim their prize. Prizes are nontransferable and no substitutions will be permitted. Winners will be responsible for applicable tax of their prize.

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