Metal Types

Whether a Promise Ring, Engagement Ring, or Wedding Ring, our DNA Jewelry and Fingerprint Jewelry is available in a range of lustrous precious metal types. From classic 14k Yellow Gold to bold Titanium and more, our metal options give you the opportunity to create a custom Ring that represents your love story.


A naturally occurring element, Gold is the most malleable of all metals, making it an ideal material for creating fine Jewelry. 14k Gold consists of a 58.3% pure Gold base mixed with other metals such as Zinc, Nickel, Silver, and Copper to strengthen your Jewelry and provide stunning color. There are three color options when it comes to 14k Gold.

Yellow Gold

A combination of pure Gold and alloy metals such as Zinc and Copper, Yellow Gold is the most hypoallergenic and historically popular Gold Jewelry color. The easiest shade of Gold to maintain over time, 14k Yellow Gold is also the most malleable, making it simple for jewelers to shape.

White Gold

A popular shade for Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands, White Gold is a combination of pure Gold and white metals such as Silver, Nickel, and Palladium. Giving the same bright look as Platinum for a fraction of the price, 14k White Gold is a durable alternative to more traditional metals like 14k Yellow Gold.

Rose Gold

Known as the most romantic Gold color thanks to its pink shade, 14k Rose Gold is a combination of pure Gold and Copper alloy. Stronger than other 14k Gold metal colors thanks to the use of Copper, Rose Gold is a modern style for Rings that complements all skin tones


Sterling Silver

Since pure Silver is too malleable for use in fine Jewelry, it is commonly combined with other alloys (the most popular of which is Copper) to create a durable alternative, known as Sterling Silver. Over 90% pure Silver, Sterling Silver creates Jewelry with lasting strength and beauty, while still being easy for jewelers to shape and customize.

Stainless Steel

Admired for its strength and classic light gray shine, Stainless Steel Jewelry is growing in popularity. Thanks to the presence of Chromium in Stainless Steel, this Jewelry is resistant to oxidation, which in turn prevents rust or other imperfections from forming on its surface. With incredible durability, Stainless Steel is a great option for Jewelry you want to wear for a lifetime.


A natural element, Titanium is one of the strongest, longest lasting Jewelry metals. Originally used in engineering and aerospace, Titanium has proven durability and will last a lifetime when cared for. Surprisingly lightweight, Titanium Jewelry is resistant to tarnishing and corrosion, and is a great choice for active lifestyles.

Rhodium Plating

Unlike other custom fingerprint jewelers, we put a rhodium coating on all Sterling Silver Jewelry. This top end finish helps to keep your Jewelry from tarnishing due to the copper content within Sterling Silver. Rhodium plating makes Sterling Silver stronger and more resistant to scratching and other damage.

Note: Rhodium plating will eventually wear away over time and with use. A local jeweler can easily re-plate your Sterling Silver Jewelry, restoring it to its original shine.

Jewelry Care

An important element of keeping your Jewelry beautiful for a lifetime is to take proper care of the metal it is made out of. Visit our Jewelry Care page to learn more about the best ways to clean, store, and polish your DNA Rings and Fingerprint Rings.

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