Have a question? We’ve got answers. Peruse our most frequent inquires below, and find help for all of your DNA Ring or Fingerprint Jewelry, Promise Ring, Engagement Ring, or Wedding Ring questions. Have a question not listed here? Contact the Truvalence Customer Service team.

Fingerprint Jewelry

How do you capture my fingerprint?

When browsing for Fingerprint Jewelry, you can request to be mailed a Fingerprint Kit from the product page. With this Kit, you will use the ink and paper provided to stamp your fingerprint. Then, you will upload a scanned document or photo when ordering via our website, and we will get started creating your Jewelry. To learn more, visit our Fingerprint Capture resource.

How is Fingerprint Jewelry made?

All of our Jewelry is laser engraved by expert artisans. Once you submit fingerprints and place your order, our team will engrave the unique print on your metal choice, and polish the finished piece, resulting in handcrafted Jewelry that is custom made for you.

DNA Rings

How do you collect my DNA?

Our DNA collection process is really easy – we promise. Once you place an order for a DNA Ring, we will mail you our DNA Kit. The Kit will include a swab for collecting the saliva sample (yeah it’s kind of icky), a pre-paid return envelope, and instructions. The whole thing only takes a couple of minutes and no needles are involved! Learn more.

How are DNA Rings made?

Your DNA Ring begins with a sample of your unique DNA. Once our scientists receive that, they use a combination of well-established techniques (RAPD PCR and Capillary Electrophoresis) to produce a DNA image. This digital image is then given to our artists who choose the most interesting looking segment of the image to have engraved on your choice of metal. Wanna take a deeper dive and really geek out about the DNA process? Check out our DNA Education page

Are the results and artwork on my DNA Ring truly unique?

Yes, absolutely. Your DNA image is the result of lab techniques and processes where the final result is a one-of-a-kind piece of art that can never be duplicated. There can be only one image of you…and we’re going to keep it that way.

How do I know my DNA image is actually mine?

Each DNA Kit that is sent out is labeled and barcoded with the information you provide to us, and that information is scanned and checked at multiple steps in our process.  Just follow the instructions sent to you in the Kit; we promise, it's easy. However, if you mess things up, just reach out to us for a new Kit, which we can send to you ASAP. We'll also be more than happy to put you in touch with our 6'5", 350 lb Customer Service rep, Bruno, who does an exceptional job of encouraging people NOT to mess things up a second time. Mmmmk?

What does my DNA image tell me about my genetic traits?

We know that DNA controls genetic traits like hair color and eye color and can be used to determine ancestry or even show an elevated risk for certain diseases. So do we have a decoder ring that will allow you to determine all these things from your DNA image? No. No we do not. Why not? It all goes back to the primers (see DNA Processing). To look for a specific genetic trait, say eye color, you need a very specific primer, with a long and complex code, that is custom-built to attach to the DNA only at the location that controls eye color. The result would be a single band in a single column – informative, but not very interesting to look at. The primers we use are designed to simply show a picture of your uniqueness that can be incorporated into your personalized Jewelry. They do not tell us what your hair color is or whether your temper is encoded in your genes.

Will my DNA image tell me if I’m related to someone?

No. Again, this goes back to the primers. Genealogical DNA tests – to determine if you are related to someone – are very specifically designed to look at particular locations in the genome to determine ancestral relationships. We don’t use those primers, so we can’t tell you if you have a long-lost brother or if you really are related to that one royal family in Europe somewhere. Our primers are strictly for creating personalized Jewelry that represents you.

How long do you keep my DNA sample?

The short answer is: we don’t. Once we have processed your DNA sample and created your DNA image, all swabs, samples, and extracted DNA are destroyed by beating the DNA into submission with a ball bat until it’s unrecognizable, setting the DNA on fire, taking whatever is left and rolling over it repeatedly with a truck, and finally putting the remaining debris into our never-before-seen, state-of-the-art ACME DNA Destroyer. Okay, actually it is destroyed using industry standard bio-hazard disposal procedures; but seriously though, who doesn’t want their very own ACME DNA Destroyer?

Is my DNA available for research or government use?

No. Absolutely not. First of all, we don’t keep your DNA (see above). Secondly, while we do store your DNA image on our secure servers, these images are not publicly available. It’s also important to understand that your DNA image holds no value for research purposes, nor for law enforcement. Because of the primers we use in our testing process, your DNA image doesn’t contain any identifiable information about you, your health, or your ancestry – it is simply a beautiful blend of science and art that shows that you are uniquely you!


What is your turnaround time?

Since Fingerprint Jewelry and DNA Rings require unique processes, the delivery times differ slightly.

Fingerprint Jewelry

Fingerprint Jewelry is delivered in up to two weeks.

DNA Rings

All DNA Rings take up to 5 weeks to be delivered after we receive your completed DNA Kit. Our lab techs and artists can’t begin creating your Ring until we have that sample, so please be sure to get that done as soon as possible.

To learn more, visit our Packaging and Delivery resource.

What happens if I buy a DNA Ring and Fingerprint Jewelry?

Your order will be shipped once both items are completed. If you would like your Fingerprint Jewelry shipped as soon as it is finished, please place separate orders.

Do you ship internationally?

Currently, we only ship Truvalence Jewelry within the United States. Please contact us to inquire about special shipping arrangements.

Product Features

What metal types do you offer?

Our Jewelry, Promise Rings, Engagement Rings, and Wedding Rings are available in a number of different metals including Platinum, 14k Yellow, White, and Rose Gold, Sterling Silver, Stainless Steel, and Titanium. Learn more on our Metal Types guide.

Can I add an inscription to my Jewelry?

You can personalize your Jewelry even further with a custom engraved inscription. Whether a meaningful phrase or date, these inscriptions bring unmatched personality to your Jewelry.

Can you resize my Ring after purchase?

Truvalence can resize most Rings up to one full size larger or smaller, in half-size increments; however, our equipment does have some limitations. Please Contact Us for details on Ring resizing. A licensed Ring jeweler can also resize your Ring within one full size without affecting the integrity of the engraving.

How do I store my Jewelry?

Properly storing your Jewelry is important to keeping it beautiful for a lifetime. When you are not wearing your piece, refer to Jewelry Care and Storage for how to best maintain your Jewelry.

How do I clean my Jewelry?

Cleaning your Jewelry is easy, and will help maintain its lustrous shine for a lifetime. Each metal type requires a different kind of cleaning. Please reference our Jewelry Care and Storage resource to learn more.

What is your warranty?

Your DNA Ring or Fingerprint Jewelry is as unique as your love, and we want to help you honor that. Check out our warranty page to learn more.