Custom Ring Fingerprint Capture

Capturing Fingerprints

Don't Worry, It's Easy


Request a FREE Fingerprint Kit. If you are ordering more than one piece of Jewelry, be sure to request a Kit for each person you would like prints taken for. We will then mail you your Kit, ASAP.


Once you receive your Kit in the mail, you can begin stamping prints. Start by filling out the information on the provided paper card. Once you have done that, prepare the ink strip by removing the protective layer.


Press the desired finger onto the ink, covering from the tip of your finger to the closest knuckle. Once evenly coated, press your finger down in the appropriate box on the paper.

Quick Tip: The best, clearest fingerprints lead to the best, most beautiful custom Jewelry. When stamping fingerprints, make sure yours look like the "Good Examples" shown below.


Following the same instructions as above, continue to stamp three to four fingerprints onto the paper until each box is completed. Each time you ink a finger, use a different section of the ink strip. By giving us three to four prints, our trained artists are able to choose the best, most interesting print to engrave on your Jewelry, creating a truly unique piece.


With either a scanner or smartphone, use the guides on the paper card to take a clear digital picture of the prints.

Quick Tip: Be sure to hold your camera flat so there is no angle to the print image. If you are capturing prints from another source (work, military records, etc.), try to get close enough to fill the viewfinder with two to four prints.


When you have a clear digital picture of your fingerprint card, you can upload them directly to the product page of the Jewelry you would like to purchase. Once uploaded, you can complete the checkout process.

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