Your Wedding Planning Checklist


So, you’re engaged. Now what?


Figure out your next steps with our Wedding Planning Checklist:


Take Engagement Photos

Capture this special moment in your lives – and get some good shots to show off on social – by hiring a professional photographer to take your engagement pictures. You can even get a head start on wedding planning by booking them for your big day, too.


Set Date

Yeah, you’re going to need one of those. Be flexible when first choosing, in case your venue simply can’t get you in on the day you initially want, or Grandma refuses to reschedule her Saturday afternoon bowling game.


Find Venue

Along with choosing a date, finding a venue is a big deal that sets the tone for the rest of your wedding planning. From churches to backyards to renovated barns to concert halls, you have a lot of options that need to be considered.


Create Guest List

Here’s the deal – you don’t have to invite that weird cousin if you don’t want to. Same goes for the college roommate who invited you to their wedding last summer across the country. The guest list is totally up to you. Just make sure you and your partner are on the same page.


Customize Wedding Invitations

Once the date, venue, and guest list are locked down, start creating your invitations. You can begin with a traditional save the date card or go all in with the fancy stationary lined with lace. That’s totally up to you.


Try on Bridal Dresses & Tuxes

Or if you’re into more of an alternative wedding, determine what color of Converse you’ll be wearing or even the matching graphic tees each groomsman will have on.


Shop for Wedding Rings

As a couple, find Wedding Rings that you can exchange that show off what makes your love so special. Consider complementary Rings, or even Rings engraved with your partner’s fingerprint or DNA for a style that is truly unique.


Go Cake Tasting

Go ahead – try three different versions of chocolate. While you’re at it, finalize the menu for your reception. From high-end hors d'oeuvres to a creative pizza bar, the food you choose can highlight your personality as a couple.


Book Band or DJ

If you’re having live music at your reception, make sure you get on your chosen band’s schedule. If you’re more of a DJ couple, discuss the playlists you want to bust a move to.


Hire Wedding Officiant

Whether the family priest or a best friend who has been ordained on the internet, hiring someone to perform the ceremony is a vital step. After all, you need someone to actually make this whole thing official. Oh, and don’t forget to get your marriage license. That’s pretty important, too.


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