Your Promise Ring Buying Guide

Your Promise Ring Buying Guide

You’re in love – now what?


Showing the person you care the most about in the world how much they mean to you is a big deal. Even if you aren’t quite ready for an Engagement Ring, you can still give them the gift of your commitment with a beautiful, personalized Promise Ring. Growing in popularity, Promise Rings are the perfect way to display your love when you’re ready to take your relationship to the next level. They say “I will” before you get to the formal “I do”.


Once you know your special someone’s Ring size – after all, you don’t want to get them one that doesn’t fit – get started shopping for a Promise Ring by following these three steps:


  • 1. Decide between diamond, gemstone, or engraved styles.
  • The first major decision you will need to make when Promise Ring shopping is what kind of style best reflects your partner. Do they have a classic elegance to their persona? Consider a modest diamond option. Are they more creative and fun? Opt for a unique gemstone or engraved Promise Ring style.


  • 2. Choose from 14k Gold, Sterling Silver, Black Titanium, and other metals.
  • Next, you’ll need to choose which metal you want featured on the Promise Ring. 14k Yellow Gold, Stainless Steel, or Sterling Silver are the most common, traditional metal types for a Ring, while 14k Rose Gold and Black Titanium make a bold statement and are both trending colors.


  • 3. Personalize the Ring with an inscription.
  • Highlight a favorite part of your relationship on the Ring by including a custom inscription. Whether a quotation from the book she was reading when you first met, the date when you said “I love you”, or even the funny nickname only he calls you, engraving an inscription on the inside band will make your Promise Ring even more special.


    Once the Promise Ring is customized exactly the way you want it and it is in your hands, all there is left to do is give it to the person you love. Whether over a candlelit dinner or after a round of mini golf, the most exciting part about personalizing this Promise Ring will be the look on their face when you put it on their finger and promise them forever.


    It’s so romantic, right?


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