Your Guide to Unique Mens Wedding Bands

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A marriage is about as personal as it gets, so why not tie the knot with a Ring that is as unique as the groom himself?


Consider this the ultimate guide to helping you find a unique Wedding Band for men.


Wedding Bands Engraved with an Inscription

Want a Ring that’s truly unlike any other? Choose an engraved inscription. This personalization technique can take many forms, including a favorite phrase written on the inside of the band itself. Another unique way to show off your relationship and style is by engraving something on the outside of the band – like a fingerprint or DNA image.


Wedding Bands Made from Black Titanium

Here’s the truth: Most Rings for men are made from the traditional White Gold, Yellow Gold, or Stainless Steel. For a more unique look, get a Black Titanium Ring. Not only is this metal type sleek, sophisticated, and masculine, but it also is unlike the majority of Rings for grooms. Matte Black Titanium Rings are another great choice that is just as original.


Wedding Bands that Match the Bride’s Ring

The exchanging of Rings is pretty much the highlight of any wedding ceremony, so consider opting for a Wedding Band that matches the one for the bride. Whether you go for identical metal types, engraving each other’s name on the inside, or a similar overall style, complementary Wedding Rings are a romantic choice for any couple – and will give you a special story to tell.


Sure, you could get married with a boring Wedding Band, but it’s a whole lot more fun to say “I do” with something that says a little more about you. Do you – or your partner – have a unique Wedding Ring? Show us a picture using #truvalence on any social site!

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