What Do I Get My Husband Who Has Everything?


Finding the perfect gift for your husband can be hard, especially when he already owns just about everything a guy could wish for. You don’t want to get him something that he already has, but you also want your present to him to be full of meaning and something he will love.

So, what do you get him? 

From anniversaries to birthdays to holidays, and more, here are our favorite ideas for gifts for husbands.

Personalized Jewelry for Men

Hear us out. Dudes love a little bling. Some guys will really like a Necklace or Bracelet engraved with your anniversary or personalized with a favorite gemstone. Others will love a more subtle piece like a Fingerprint Ring. The best part is, these gifts are something you know he doesn’t already have, since they are truly and completely one-of-a-kind and custom-made for him.

Romantic Vacation

While a man can own too many neckties, he can never have too many great experiences. Instead of giving him a tangible gift, plan a romantic getaway for just the two of you. Go to a dreamy rental cabin in the woods, or book a trip to the same beach where you spent your honeymoon. He will love the gift, and will treasure the memories for years to come.

Ask Him!

Surprises are nice and all, but so is a happy partner who actually likes the gift they receive. Flat out ask him what he wants for a gift, and once you know, come up with a way to still make it special. If he wants a day to play golf, book him a tee time, followed by lunch at his favorite restaurant with you. If he wants a new book, find him a copy signed by his favorite author. You get the idea.

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