Unique Ways to Celebrate Your Anniversary

Unique Ways to Celebrate Your Anniversary


Congrats on your anniversary! Whether it is your first year as a couple or fifth year of marriage, your anniversary is a big deal – and should be celebrated like one. But forget the standard reservations and flowers that every other couple has made boring over the years. Instead, make your celebration unique with these alternative anniversary options:

Have Your Own Custom Trivia Night
With more and more people joining the trivia craze, why not make it a part of your own anniversary? Create questions for the other person to answer that have to do with your time together, complete with scorecards and everything. Add to the game night vibe with prizes like letting the winner pick dessert.

Make it a Weeklong Event
There’s no rule that says your anniversary can only be celebrated on one day. Get creative and find ways to make the fun last all week. Cook dinner at home Monday night, take a walk around the park on Tuesday, play miniature golf in the living room on Wednesday, etc. You get the idea.

Give Personalized Anniversary Gifts
Yes, your love is the most important part about an anniversary, but gifts definitely have their place. Let your partner know how thankful you are for another year with a personalized gift that means more than grocery store bouquets ever could. Need some inspiration? A Vertical Bar Pendant engraved with your fingerprint is pretty darn romantic, if we do say so ourselves.

No matter how you celebrate, your anniversary should be all about the two of you. Try to find ways to incorporate those little things – like her favorite flavor of ice cream or his dedication to crossword puzzles – to make the celebration one that the two of you will always remember.

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