Unique Proposal Ideas

Unique Proposal Ideas

Your proposal doesn’t have to be boring.


Sure, getting down on one knee surrounded by candles is a classic choice, but planning a unique proposal gives you the opportunity to create an unforgettable moment for the two of you – not to mention grants you epic bragging rights for the rest of time.


Ready to pop the question but not sure how? Here are three ideas to help you get started:


Choose a Favorite Tradition

Whether you love spending a week each summer hiking together or every Sunday is reserved for movie marathons, your favorite traditions are a part of what makes your love special. Consider using one of your couple traditions as the foundation of your proposal. Not only would it be super cute to pull out a Ring instead of a pair of dice at your next board game tournament, but it will also give you both a one-of-a-kind moment to share.


Put a New Spin on Old Stereotypes

Instead of bottles of champagne at your city’s most exclusive restaurant, share sparkling juice over a picnic at the park. Rather than a million rose petals strewn through an art gallery, give them a single bouquet of their favorite flower. By swapping the standard stereotypes for something new, you’ll be able to create memories that are more meaningful to the two of you.


Make it Personal

Your proposal will be a day you both remember for a lifetime. Take it to the next level by incorporating pieces of your life together in a tangible way. Whether movie ticket stubs from that first date lining the Ring box or the song that was the soundtrack to so many road trips together playing in the background, these little details make all of the difference. A personalized Fingerprint Ring would be a pretty cool touch too, in our opinion.


Got some ideas? Good. Now go propose.


We’re rooting for you.


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