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Promise Rings


What do you do when you’re in love, but not quite ready to get engaged yet? Easy. You get your partner a Promise Ring. Growing in popularity among young couples, Promise Rings are the perfect way to show your commitment. Plus, they are super romantic.


Types of Promise Rings

From plastic accessories purchased at the arcade to designer styles, we’ve seen just about every type of Promise Ring there is. However, personalized Rings are the best. We’re not trying to be biased, but when you give your partner a customized Promise Ring, you let them know just how one-of-a-kind they are. Personalized Promise Rings also look really cool – seriously.


When to Give a Promise Ring

Even though most people use them as a first step toward getting engaged, Promise Rings can be given for just about any reason to show you care. Whether you’re having to do a long-distance relationship for a while, celebrating a major milestone like three years of dating, or simply want to say “I love you”, a Promise Ring is a gift full of meaning – and style.


How to Wear a Promise Ring

Typically, a Promise Ring is worn on the ring finger of the left hand. If someone is married and still wants to wear their Promise Ring, it’s fairly standard to move it to the right hand. Although, the beauty of Promise Rings is that you can wear them basically however you want. Whether an alternate finger or even on a chain as a necklace, Promise Rings are incredibly versatile.


There’s a reason Promise Rings are trending right now. After all, showcasing your commitment with one is a pretty romantic way to tell your partner just how much they mean to you.


We promise.


(See what we did there?)

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