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It’s that time of year when everyone you know seems to be getting engaged, and chances are, you have been looking at Engagement Rings for your special someone, too. Finding the perfect Ring to pop the question with can be a challenge. Luckily, the trend of non-diamond Engagement Rings makes finding a beautiful, customized Ring that is worthy of your love easy.

Three reasons why you should consider a non-diamond Engagement Ring, like customizable Fingerprint Rings from Truvalence, include:

A Personal Connection

One of the most popular styles of non-diamond Engagement Rings are those that feature an engraved fingerprint. With a Fingerprint Engagement Ring, you can give your special someone a Ring that is as unique as your love story, since it will feature your one-of-a-kind print. Plus, your new fiancé can carry you with them wherever they go – how romantic is that?

No More Boring #RingSelfies

We all know it well – the picture posted to social media showing off an Engagement Ring as soon as it is placed on a finger. Make the #RingSelfie your special someone shares stands out from the crowd of solitaries and halos with a non-diamond Ring featuring your fingerprint. Not only will it catch the attention of everyone scrolling through, but it will give the two of you the opportunity to brag about how your Ring is unlike any other.

Freedom to be Creative

Non-diamond Engagement Rings give you the chance to express yourself more than the standard big box store counterparts. Fingerprint Engagement Rings allow you to pair a fingerprint with your choice of metal (Gold and Titanium are crowd favorites) and style. Plus, you can write a personalized inscription for the inside of the Ring – like the date you met, a funny nickname, or the coordinates of your hometown - that adds even more sentiment.

Discover an Engagement Ring that is truly as unique as your love at Truvalence. Our non-diamond styles are a captivating alternative for those who do life differently and aren’t afraid to make bold, beautiful commitments.

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