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Face it, a plain 14k Gold Wedding Band is…well…kind of boring. While classic, these Wedding Rings don’t allow you to show off your personality and relationship very well. That’s why more couples are choosing to exchange alternative Wedding Rings on their big day. Alternative Wedding Rings – basically any style other than a standard Gold, Titanium, or Silver Band – give partners the opportunity to make a statement and stand out through their customizable Jewelry.


Three alternative Wedding Ring styles to consider include:


Engraved Wedding Bands

An engraved inscription on the inside of your Wedding Band is nice, but having something meaningful engraved on the outside of your Ring is even more unique. Styles like Fingerprint Rings and DNA Rings feature a unique image laser engraved on the outside of the band, visible for all to envy. Plus, these designs are truly one-of-a-kind, meaning literally no one else in the world will have your exact Wedding Ring.


Gemstone Rings

It is traditional for Engagement Rings to have a diamond, but why not your Wedding Bands? Add your own personal flair to your Wedding Rings by including gemstones. Whether the classic diamond, gorgeous sapphire, or simply your partner’s birthstone, a gemstone Ring will help add a little extra sparkle and style to your vows.


Matching Tattoo Rings

Okay, so a tattoo may not be an actual Ring, but plenty of couples opt for ink on their finger. A tattoo Ring is a bold way to show off your love and can be a simple line or as intricate as your partner’s name. Just make sure they really are the one you want to spend forever with – marriage and tattoos are both pretty big commitments.


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