Ideas for Custom Anniversary Gifts by Year

Custom Anniversary Gifts


There’s nothing quite as romantic as a milestone anniversary. Whether you’re just at the beginning of your love story or already well into your happily ever after, your anniversary deserves to be celebrated. What better way to let your partner know just how much they are loved than a custom, heartfelt gift? 

Ready to start shopping? Here are some of our favorite ideas for anniversary gifts by year: 

First Year Together
As a new couple, the best anniversary gifts showcase your unending commitment to each other. That’s where a Promise Ring comes in. Whether you’re just dating or already married, a Sterling Silver Promise Ring with a personalized inscription on the inside of the band is the perfect way to symbolize your dedication to making the rest of your years together just as special as the previous.

About Five Years In
As your relationship starts to mature about five years in, you’ll want to find a unique gift that shows off your love in a fresh way. This anniversary is a wonderful opportunity to put a new spin on the classic gift idea of Jewelry with a Vertical Bar Pendant engraved with your fingerprint. Not only is it a trending style that can be worn every day, but it is also super romantic and lets your partner keep your touch close to their heart. *cue the “awwww”*

Ten Years to Eternity
Now that your love has proven to withstand a decade or more, it’s time go big. You both know that you were made for each other, so celebrate all of the time you have had – and all of the anniversaries to come – with a gift that is as unique as the love you share. Complementary Gold Fingerprint Rings will allow you hold each other’s hands, always. Matching Titanium DNA Rings are another stunning way to keep the two of you forever within reach.

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