How to Take an Epic #RingSelfie

How to Take and Epic Ring Selfie


You’ve said yes – now what’s the first thing you want to do?


Take a #RingSelfie, of course!


These iconic pics of hands up in the air displaying a new Engagement Ring are the perfect way to brag while announcing the big news to those you love – or at least are internet friends with. But how do you make sure your #RingSelfie is truly epic? Four tips to keep in mind include:


Get Your Hands Lookin’ Good

This should go without saying, but before you even think about opening your camera app, make sure your hands look good. Whether you go for a full manicure or simply scrub under your fingernails, giving a little TLC to your hands will help make your Ring look even that much prettier.


Think About Your Background

Sunsets and beaches are pretty great for your #RingSelfie background, but if you can’t book a flight to paradise or it’s just a little too cloudy out, give some other thought to your picture’s background. It doesn’t have to be fancy – consider a brightly colored wall or even having your new fiancé smiling in the distance – just make sure you’ve shoved your dirty laundry or wrinkled curtains out of the frame.


Get the Angle Right

We can all learn a thing or two from influencers, including the fact that a picture’s angle is everything. For your #RingSelfie, opt for either a straight-on shot or a photo snapped from a slight upward angle. Also make sure to have ample lighting so that the beautiful engraved details of your Ring are able to be seen, and that the metal you chose shines.


Share It

What’s the point of taking one of the best pictures known to mankind if you don’t share it? Post it, Tweet it, Instagram it, Pin it, whatever – just make sure you’re getting your epic shot in front of family and friends. After all, one of the best parts about getting engaged is showing off your new Ring.


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