How to Plan the Ultimate Surprise Proposal

How to Take and Epic Ring Selfie


You’ve done it. You’ve found the person you want to spend forever with. Now all there is left to do is ask if they want to spend it with you. Asking someone to marry you is one of the biggest moments in both of your lives. Make it one the two you of you will never forget by planning the ultimate surprise proposal.


Not sure how to get started? Get inspired by these tips:


Include Your Family and Friends

A surprise engagement doesn’t have to be a secret from everyone in your life – just the one person you’re asking to marry you. Don’t be afraid to include family and friends in on the big day. In fact, having a little extra help distracting your partner or setting up the chosen location can make a huge difference in pulling off your dream proposal.


Get an Engagement Ring

In all of the excitement it can be easy to forget pieces of your plan. Just don’t forget the Ring – it’s kind of important. Go shopping for engagement Rings well before the date you actually plan to propose, taking into consideration every hint your partner has dropped for you about the Ring style they love. (Psst – if they want a personalized Ring that is unlike any other, we’ve got you covered.)


Write Your Speech

Sure, winging it may have worked in your sophomore English class, but you want to be a little more prepared when asking the most important question of your life. Figure out what you want to say to your future fiancé and write it down. Whether a poem about how her blue eyes remind you of the infinity you want to share or a letter telling him that you don’t want to watch soccer with anyone else, having your thoughts organized will help you be cool, collected, and romantic when the time to ask comes.


Take it All In

From the smell of the roses to the taste of the celebratory chocolate to the way she smiles when you get down on one knee, you will want to remember every last detail of this momentous occasion. As the day unfolds, be sure to take time to appreciate it. A deep breath will both calm your nerves and help you lock all of these moments into memory.


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