How to Plan a Wedding Ceremony

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From the food you serve at the reception to the color of the bridesmaid dresses, planning your wedding can be a big deal. Arguably the biggest part of it all is your wedding ceremony. After all, your ceremony is when you will legally become a married couple and start the rest of your lives together. No pressure.


Start planning your wedding ceremony with this checklist:


Find a Venue

First and foremost, you’re going to need a venue that will serve as the setting for the biggest moment of your life. Whether a church, park, or concert hall, find a location that will accommodate the number of guests you will be inviting, as well as any extravagant plans you have for an after party.


Choose an Officiant

You’re going to need someone to make this whole thing official. Choose wisely because an officiant can set the tone for your entire ceremony. Traditional ceremonies are often performed by a priest or other church leader, while best friends or family members ordained on the internet are an option for alternative weddings.


Shop for Wedding Rings

The grand symbol at the heart of any wedding ceremony is the exchanging of Rings. Not only will the Wedding Rings you buy be a major part of the big day, but they will also become a part of your daily life for the rest of, well, forever. Shop for Wedding Ring styles that are unique to your relationship and tell your story in a beautiful way.


Write Your Vows

Make your ceremony – and marriage – more meaningful by writing your own vows. Sure, you can recite the standard lines, but wouldn’t it be more fun to promise to always reserve Tuesdays for date night or to hold their hand when walking downtown? Create vows that are fun, heartfelt, and significant to the both of you.


If a traditional celebration isn’t your thing, consider other alternatives to a wedding ceremony. Do things a little differently by getting married at city hall with just your parents as witnesses or tying the knot on the top of your favorite mountain after a long hike with just a few friends. There’s no right or wrong way to plan a wedding ceremony, as long as you and your partner enjoy it.


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