How to Personalize Your Wedding Ring

How to Personalize Your Wedding Ring

Nothing is more personal than the love you share with your partner, so why settle for an Engagement Ring or Wedding Band that is just like everyone else’s? Personalized Wedding Rings not only carry more meaning than their traditional counterparts, but they also just look really cool.


Customize your Ring with these easy steps:


Choose Your Wedding Ring Style

The first factor you should consider when you create your own Ring is the overall style. Think about whether or not you want a stone on the band, or if custom engraving is more your thing. While stones can be somewhat personalized, engraving gives you more of an opportunity to get creative with what is on the Ring – we recommend a fingerprint so it is truly one-of-a-kind…just sayin’.


Choose Your Wedding Ring Metal

The metal you choose for your Ring is another way to add a touch of personality to your piece. There are two things you need to consider when choosing a metal: type and color. The metal type you choose should fit your everyday habits. For example, people with active lifestyles should probably opt for a strong type like Titanium. The metal color you pick should reflect your personal style. From Rose Gold to Yellow Gold to Stainless Steel, each color gives more opportunity to make your Ring stand out.


Choose Your Wedding Ring Inscription

When it comes to creating a personalized Wedding Ring, details are what make all of the difference. One detail to be sure to include is an engraved inscription on the inside of the band. Whether coordinates from where you first met to the date of the big day to nicknames no one else knows, a custom inscription will make your Ring truly personal.


Custom Wedding Rings allow you to showcase what makes your love so special. Are you choosing an alternative Ring from Truvalence for your wedding? We want to see it! Take a picture and use #truvalence for a chance to be featured on our site and social.

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