How Personalized DNA Rings are Made

How Personalized DNA Rings are Made


So how exactly do we take your genetic code and turn it into a wearable work of art?

First, we send you a DNA Kit, which you will complete and return to us. It’s easy, we promise.

Next, our in-house lab techs will take your completed DNA Kit and do some super sciency things – like Gel Electrophoresis, which is a widely used process for separating and analyzing DNA fragments – to capture your one-of-a-kind DNA image.

This image is made up of eight columns of marker bands, the combination of which are unique to only you. These bands, which appear as the lines on your image, reveal one-of-a-kind information about your DNA and what makes you so rare. After your DNA image is formed, our professional artists will clean, sharpen, and finesse it until each and every marker band is clearly defined and shaped.

Then the perfect Ring-sized cross section will be selected and laser engraved on your metal of choice.

Pretty cool, right?

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