His and Hers Wedding Rings

There’s something so romantic about Wedding Rings that complement each other. Not only are they a beautiful symbol of your love, but they also tell the story of how the two of you simply fit together perfectly. Who can resist a fairytale like that?


Show off your swoon-worthy love with these three types of his and hers Wedding Rings:


Meaningful Inscriptions

Tie your Rings together with a unique inscription. Inscriptions can be engraved on the inside or outside of your band and can range from the date of your wedding to the nicknames you call each other to even your one-of-a-kind fingerprints. No matter the inscription you choose, your Rings will be a beautiful complement to each other.


Identical Metals

Keep your Ring styles similar with identical metals. Whether 14k Gold, Titanium, or even Sterling Silver, having the same metal base on your Rings is a stunning way to stay connected. Think of it as your own personal couple theme. Not to mention, your Rings will look great in pictures.


Matching Styles

Go all out and get the exact same Ring as your partner. From metal type to inscriptions to band width and everything in-between, perfectly paired Wedding Rings are a great way to stay close with your spouse. When you look at your Ring, you’ll find joy in knowing they have the exact same view.


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