Get Inspired: Engagement Party Ideas

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Now that you’re engaged, all you want to do is celebrate. As you should. One way to ring in this joyous time (pun intended) is to throw an epic engagement party.

Get inspired for your engagement celebration with these ideas:

A Theme that’s Meaningful
Anyone can have a regular cocktail hour (no offense), but you can make your party a little more meaningful by incorporating a theme that is special to you and your partner. If you both love to hike, have your guests join you near your favorite mountain. If you’re more into video games, invite everyone to dress up as their favorite avatar.

Food that’s Fun
Whether you serve your guests a full five-course dinner or opt for a dessert reception, make your food a reflection of your own tastes and relationship. For example, if you went to a taco truck on your first date, hire a fleet of them to serve your guests. Another idea is to offer cupcakes in place of a traditional tiered wedding cake. Both ideas are unique and delicious.

Music that You Love
Who says you can’t have a first dance as an engaged couple? If music is your thing, make sure to include it in your party plans. Brainstorm a playlist with your partner of songs that have meant something to your relationship, and hire a DJ to play them at your party. Bonus points if you make it a public playlist on Spotify for your guests to enjoy after the party’s over.

Gifts that Do Good
Let’s be real for a second. You’re probably going to receive a lot of gifts during this epic life milestone of getting married. If you don’t want or need three toasters, consider asking your engagement party guests to make a donation to a charity that you and your partner love.

A Hashtag that’s Memorable
Here’s the honest truth – you’re going to be so busy enjoying your party as it’s happening that you’ll forget to take pictures. It always happens. Come up with a unique hashtag for your party and encourage your guests to use it when they post any pictures of the event. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy the moment, while still capturing priceless memories.


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