Alternative Wedding Rings + More Inspiration for Your Big Day

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Planning a wedding is something many dream about for years – well before they even meet their better half. Who can blame them? Weddings have become synonymous with grand traditions and excitement.


However, when the time comes to actually plan your wedding, you may want to trade in some of the standard routines for a few that are a little more unique and meaningful to you and your partner. Ready to get started? Add some personality to your big day with these one-of-a-kind ideas:


Alternative Wedding Rings

The Rings you exchange as you say “I do” will be with you, well, forever. Choose a style that not only looks great, but also symbolizes your love. Have a custom inscription engraved on the inside of the band for a personal touch, or even opt for Rings engraved with each other’s fingerprints so that you can always stay close.


Unique Wedding Dresses

Not really into the whole white gown thing? Don’t worry, unique wedding dresses are growing in popularity and can show off your style in a special way. Custom wedding dress cuts and colors are a great opportunity to be one-of-a-kind. Or go all out and choose to wear a pantsuit, sneakers, or even your favorite band t-shirt from the concert where you met your partner. The dress code is totally up to you!


Fun Bridesmaid Gifts & Groomsmen Gifts

Show your friends how much their support means by getting them a gift that is unlike any other. Instead of trinkets they will throw away after the reception, bring the whole crew on a weekend getaway leading up to the festivities or simply give a gift card to their favorite restaurant. Gifted experiences are perfect for showing appreciation in a more meaningful way.


Memorable Wedding Reception Games

Dinner and dancing are a classic for a reason, but you can put your own spin on the afterparty with games set up throughout the reception area. From trivia to cornhole to bingo or even your favorite board game, the options are endless. The competition will not only make your wedding day standout, but it will also create lasting memories for everyone. After all, Uncle Eddie’s victory dance will be hard to forget.


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