Alternative Wedding Ideas

Alternative Wedding Ideas

There’s something classic about a white dress, tiered cake, and standard vows. However, it’s a lot more fun to incorporate a little more personality into your big day. A non-traditional wedding not only allows you the chance to be creative, but it also provides priceless memories you’ll always cherish.


From the food you serve to the Rings you exchange, show off what makes your relationship unique with these alternative wedding ideas.


Before the Ceremony

Unique Invitations

Make your invitations more personal by infusing little details of your life together. Whether a fun engagement picture, a favorite quote, or printing all of the must-know information on a wine bottle for your guests to enjoy, making your invitations unique will help them stand out from all of the other more formal varieties.


Creative Bridesmaid Proposals

Asking your wedding party to stand beside you is a big deal. Make it a creative moment the group of you can share by giving each person a little something they can wear on the big day. Consider a bracelet or nail polish in your wedding colors for the girls, and a bow tie or set of monogramed cufflinks for the guys.


As You “I Do”

Personalized Rings

With customized Rings, you can add a piece of yourselves to the most impactful moment of your ceremony – the moment you exchange Rings. For an extra layer of butterflies-in-your-stomach romance, choose a Fingerprint Ring, which is the ultimate one-of-a-kind way to represent your love. Plus, they just look really cool. Not that we’re biased or anything.


Vows that Mean More

Skip the standard recited vows and opt to sing a favorite love song to your partner, or simply sneak in a few lines about promising to go on a date together the first Thursday of every month. When you incorporate your relationship into your vows, you create a more meaningful promise that reflects who you both are.


Once the Knot is Tied

Eccentric Desserts

A tie-dye cake to match your neon theme or a self-serve candy bar or even a donut wall that spells out “Mr. & Mrs.” is way more fun than a plain white cake.  Emphasizing your unique tastes with nontraditional desserts is an easy – and delicious – way to bring a pop of personality to your party.


Unforgettable Getaway Car

Make your final moments of your wedding day memorable with a getaway car unlike any other. Motorized scooters that you ride through the resort, a vintage van you take camping on the honeymoon, or even a well-timed streetcar are all great options you and your guests are sure to never forget.


Feeling inspired with an idea or two? Good. We can’t wait to see your unique wedding. Share photos from your big day with #truvalence for a chance to be featured on our site and social!


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