Alternative Ways to Wear Your Wedding Ring

Alternative Ways to Wear Your Wedding Ring


We get it – not everyone wants to wear a Ring at all times. Whether you are strumming a guitar, lifting weights, or simply doing the dishes, sometimes it is for the best that you don’t have your Wedding Ring getting in the way. Luckily, there are a number of different ways you can wear your Wedding Ring that will still allow for you to keep it – and the one you love – near.


After all, when you have a Ring that looks this awesome, you’ll never want it to be far away.


On a Chain

One of the most popular alternatives to the classic left hand look is turning your Wedding Ring into a necklace. This option is super easy - choose a chain you love and slide the band on. Not only is this stylish, but it is also really romantic since your Ring will be near your heart. *cue the “aww!”*

On Your Right Hand

If wearing your Ring on your right hand instead of your left makes more sense for your daily life, go for it. Many people – including those who are left handed – have opted to make the switch. And here’s a little secret: Wearing your Ring on the opposite hand is just as meaningful, and looks just as great, as wearing it on the traditional finger.


On a Bracelet

Similar to the necklace style, you can also attach your Wedding Ring to a bracelet. Whether worn with other meaningful pieces on a charm bracelet or just on a simple string, having your Wedding Ring on your wrist will both keep it close, while also serving as a beautiful accessory.


No matter how you wear it, your Wedding Ring is a meaningful representation of your love. Find what works for you, even if that means being a little different.


We think being different is pretty cool.

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