Alternative Anniversary Celebration Inspiration

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Whether you have been married 20 years or are celebrating two months of dating, anniversaries are a big deal. They deserve to be celebrated. However, you don’t have to go for all of the traditional rose petals and expensive restaurants most couples have used in the past. Instead, opt for an anniversary celebration that includes elements that are a little more unique.


Recreate Old Favorites

Honor the time you have spent together by recreating some of your favorite memories. Did you go to a movie on your first date? Rent it to watch at home. Did you share a delicious meal on the night you both first said “I love you”? Try your hand at cooking it together.


Give Personalized Gifts

Anyone can stop by the grocery store after work and pick up some flowers or grab a tie from the department store. Your anniversary is important, so your gifts should be, too. Consider giving something that means more and can be cherished for the many years together to come. A personalized Fingerprint Ring is the perfect gift, since it is as unique as the love you are celebrating and can be worn for the lifetime ahead. Not that we’re biased or anything…


Do Something New

While celebrating the past, give a nod to the future by trying something new. If every Thursday you get together for ice cream, instead celebrate your anniversary with ice cream from a place you have never been to before followed by a walk in a park you have never visited. If the two of you like to go play mini golf, think about taking a professional golf lesson together on your special day.


Your anniversary is unique to you, so make sure your celebration is one-of-a-kind. Whether you choose a night out or a day at home, incorporating the little things that make your love special will create a memory the two of you will never forget.


Cheers to you, and however many years (or months, weeks, or even days) you have been together.

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