3 Trending Jewelry Styles You Don’t Want to Miss

3 Trending Jewelry Styles You Don’t Want to Miss

Today’s top Jewelry styles are all about customization and making the accessories you wear stand out. Each piece is a statement piece because it allows you to say so much about your own personality and creativity.


Not sure where to start with your own wardrobe? Here are three of the most popular trending Jewelry styles:


Personalized Jewelry that is Custom Engraved

Custom engraved Jewelry is just about as personal as it gets. This trending style gives you the opportunity to have any inscription (name, date, quotation, secret code, etc.) permanently engraved onto your piece. From Rings to Necklaces to Bracelets and more, people are engraving and putting their unique spin on just about everything. Some are even opting to engrave things other than words – like fingerprints or DNA – onto their Jewelry to take it to the next level.


Diamond Alternative & Non-Diamond Rings

Whether you’re married, engaged, or more single than ever, everyone loves to wear pretty Rings. However, Rings without diamonds are gaining major momentum with over 5,000 people searching and shopping for them each month. Instead of the traditional diamond look, many are opting for colorful gemstones that add a pop of personality or simply going for a style with no stone at all.


Rose Gold & Other Bold Metals

Jewelry metal is another element that many are choosing to personalize when it comes to their fashion accessories. Rather than choosing the standard Sterling Silver or White Gold, many are opting for more unique styles with the soft pink of Rose Gold Jewelry or even the bold sophistication of Black Titanium. Even 14k Yellow Gold is having a comeback as retro looks are becoming more mainstream again.


The beauty of these trending Jewelry styles is that there is something for everyone. You can even pair more than one trend together for the ultimate style statement. Pretty cool, right?


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